We have a large selection of training products relevant to fire safety in the workplace.  These include instant-reference Fast Guides and Wall Posters prepared by the experts on fire safety.

The best examples of these are:

Fast Guides offer immediate guidance both in an emergency as well as in preventive measures. The format is easy to follow and is supported by colourful illustrations. They have concertina folds and are encapsulated in plastic (deluxe version) or just laminated (Economy version).

Find out about safely disposing of E-Waste materials.

The entire contents are re-produced in a Poster format, also encapsulated, for placing on walls or notice boards at all strategic places and locations. See fire prevention tips.

  • How to reduce the risk of fire – good house-keeping
  • What to do if fire breaks out.
  • Fire Fighting – when not to tackle fire
  • Different Fire extinguishers and their specific uses.

See: Fire safety tips at work.

The importance of emergency lighting at your work place

Although emergency light fittings are not extremely energy efficient, building managers should consider the importance of them.

Having exit lightings is essential if hoping for a safe evacuation during a horrific event. These lights will provide illumination, meaning people within the building can see properly and confidently head towards the nearest exit.

Emergency ballasts are used in an existing light fixture. During a power cut, this fixture will operate in emergency battery mode, therefore creating light. However, in the event of a power failure, the ballast will operate the lighting fixture for a minimum off 90 minutes.

Emergency lighting fixtures should be check on a regular basis by a qualified electrician. Click here for commercial electricians.

Emergency lighting fixtures