The jet washing service that plumbers can offer you may include specialist hot wash system which acts like a steam cleaner to provide high-pressure, hot temperature cleaning to various areas of your sites and buildings unlike most cold wash systems.

The trained jet washing service team can attend to oil and paint stains, discolouration caused by pollution, graffiti removal, efflorescence from walls, slippery and dirty pathways, refuse chutes and car parking areas. A car parking washing tool allows engineers to clean all areas even under cars without causing any damage or the need to move vehicles.

Drain Jetting

High pressure jet washing equipment can attend to blocked drains and gulleys to clear of any debris such as leaves and litter. Jet blasting will also remove any obstructions or blockages in the drains and sewers and will help to de-scale the pipework, improving the flow through the drains. See: Top Causes of Blocked Drains.

Plumbers understand that blockages in the drains can cause major issues to residents in your developments and will aim to attend at our earliest convenience to remove the blockage and minimise waste spillage. For drain jet blasting services in the Northern Brisbane area, click here.

Drain Jet Blasting is the best way to clean your drains

Bin Jetting

Most jet washing system allows specialists to pressure wash large residential and commercial bins and bin store areas, ensuring your bins remain fresh and clean all year round. The equipment used will disinfect the bins, prevent odours and pest infestations and will help to reduce attracting other vermin to these areas.

You can also ask your chosen company to attend to the jet washing of your bins and bin stores in line with the refuse collection day. They will always ensure we minimise the disruption to your residents or staff working on site.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your jet washing needs.

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