Fire Door Seals Stop Killer Smoke

Fire doors are designed to give people vital extra minutes to make their escape during a fire. They do this by being resistant to fire for at least 30 minutes but in many cases it is not the fire that kills people but the smoke they inhale.

To this end there is not much point having a decent and expensive fire door if it is hung incorrectly and there are gaps around the frame that allows the deadly smoke to reach you.

What is the best type of door for this?

We recommend having a steel fire exit door installed. These doors are renowned for being stronger and tougher than other materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium, meaning they are able to contain the fire much better.

To this end it is always essential that your fire door installation is carried out by a professional to minimise these gaps appearing. However, even the best hung fire door could still leave gaps between the door and the frame door and the ground, so it is also recommended that you also have fire door seals in place.

The difference of fire door seals

These seals sit discretely around the fire door frame but expand in response to heat – quickly and effectively filling any gaps the smoke could travel through. These fire door seals are usually capable of lasting for about an hour which should hopefully be plenty of time to get to safety or be rescued. Find out more.

Fire seals come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to fit most fire door types and are very easy to fit – often incorporating an adhesive backing which allows you to simply cut to size and stick them in place as required. See benefits here.

Fire door seals could mean the difference between life and death so it is important that you buy a quality product that has passed the necessary fire safety standards.

Please take a look at this page for fire safety information.

Also, feel free to contact us and share your fire safety tips and how they have helped you.