Fireworks are fun, exciting and are often used to mark a new stage in life. However, there are dangers associated with them so we have created a guide on how to minimise the risks so you can enjoy fireworks to their full extent. Contact us.

What are the dangers?

Fireworks safety tipsWith complete care by following instructions and handling them safely, it reduces the risk massively. It is important to understand the risks before using them. Click here.

  • Without correctly securing fireworks, they can tip offer and hit people or buildings
  • Shots firing off at ground level. Every so often, a firework will not shoot up into the air or can be due to going off prematurely, this can injure those nearby. Follow safety distance rules.
  • Fall out on the audience

How to stay safe during firework season

Fireworks can be used all year round, but the end of the year is when they’re most popular on evenings such as bonfire night and New Years Eve.

Having fireworks in the comfort of your own home is even more exciting and comfortable. At home, kids may be more inclined to run around and roam, but in the presence of fireworks, it is important that they do not enter the firework zone.

Children often carry around sparklers as it allows them to get involved, but keep a close eye on them as they can get five times hotter than cooking oil. Children younger five years old should not use these. See: Fire Safety Tips.

Buying from a trusted supplier

A trusted and reptuable supplierAlways buy your fireworks from a reputable and reliable supplier and ensure that they meet British Standards.  It is best to find a retailer that has knowledge and experience with fireworks so they can answer all of your questions and advise you on safety precautions.

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