Making your home fire-safe.

Many households across the country opt for wood stoves, open fires or other fuel-fired appliances as their heating system of choice.

There is nothing like sitting around an open fire on a chilly day, and this type of heating can also be very cost-effective if the materials are readily and cheaply available. Contact us.

Paying attention around your homeFire Safety

As long as you pay attention to a few basic safety tips, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your fuel-burning heating system in safety.

Whether an open fireplace or a wood stove, make sure that it is inspected at least annually by a certified specialist. This is vital to ensure that there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur when there is nowhere for the gases to escape, thus forcing them back into the room. Keep reading.

Make sure your doors are FENSA approved

Its is important to keep your windows and doors up to date. In the event of a fire, you will want to make sure you can exit your property as quickly and calmly as possible. This means you don’t want any problems with locks, stiff or jammed doors and windows.

FENSA provide proof that doors and windows installed meet the necessary building requirements, this includes making sure the door is a suitable means for fire escape.

The best way to get around this problem is to invest in good quality doors such as uPVC, or even hardwood, to ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, your exit is as smooth as possible.

Purchasing all safety features

It is also important to ensure that if you are using an open fireplace to invest in a good quality fire screen, and also to check that there is nothing flammable in the near vicinity of the hearth.

Never leave open fires unattended – although this seems basic, it is often lack of attention to the basic rules of safety which cause accidents. Make sure that the fire is completely spent before going to bed or leaving the house. Also, ensure that the logs or coal are piled carefully in the fireplace to avoid them falling out. Find out more.

Smoke ventilation rooflights

Smoke Ventilation/Access Hatch rooflightsOf course, nobody wants to think about the risk of a fire, although in any building it is a possibility.  A way of overcoming such tragedy is by installing smoke ventilation rooflights.

Not only will smoke ventilation skylights help with preventing a fire, but they also have a high energy efficiency value as well. In addition, you will have instant access to your roof.

How to choose rooflights | Real Homes

Ensure that you purchase your roof window from a trusted and reliable supplier where they impact test their products. This way, you are sure you will receive a rooflight that is safe.