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Is the kitchen the most dangerous place in the home?

People don’t realise how many potentially dangerous items belong in the kitchen.

  • Knives
  • Ovens
  • Microwaves

There is a reason why the fire alarm is commonly placed close to the kitchen.

The wrong cooking appliance can cause a fire

A person may think that cooking appliances may need to be a specific brand to cause a fire.

That is not true.

When people talk about the wrong appliance, they may think about the brands of appliances.

Again, not true.

You are as likely to have a house fire if your microwave is Toshiba or Panasonic.

Chances of having a fire depend on the quality and care of your cooking appliances, not where they are from.

12,295 house fires happened as a result of cooking appliances not being up to a good standard.

Preventing a house fire

There are ways you can reduce your chances of experiencing a house fire.

  • Replace any loose/damaged wiring and appliances in your kitchen.
  • Unplug anything that you are not using.
  • Make sure your smoke detector is working and placed in an ideal location.
  • Do a removal of all your unwanted electronic waste, which includes old electronic appliances.
  • Be cautious if you are lighting the burner or a gas stove.
  • Do not put any metal in the microwave.
  • Try to avoid cooking if you believe the appliances need to be replaced and are not up to decent standards.
  • Make sure your pots and pans are not overfilled with oil/grease.
  • Never cook on a dirty stove and wipe up spills ASAP!

See here for more ways you can prevent a house fire.

For information on what to do in a fire emergency, visit the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service page for things to do when a house fire happens. It is ideal to read the information before so you are prepared for the situation.

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