Preventing fires at home

As long as you pay attention to a few basic safety tips, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your fuel-burning heating system in safety.

Whether an open fireplace or a wood stove, make sure that it is inspected at least annually by a certified specialist. This is vital to ensure that there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur when there is nowhere for the gases to escape, thus forcing them back into the room. Read more.

Using fireworks safely

What are the dangers?

With complete care by following instructions and handling them safely, it reduces the risk massively. It is important to understand the risks before using them. Click here.

  • Without correctly securing fireworks, they can tip offer and hit people or properties.
  • Shots firing off at ground level. Every so often, a firework will not shoot up into the air or can be due to going off prematurely, this can injure those nearby. Follow safety distance rules.
  • Fall out on the audience

Change in fire callouts 2016 - 2017

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Secondary Fires

Flase Alarms

Chimney Fires

Special Service Incidents

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